Cow Meat (Towel Portion)

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Beef intestine is a very good source of protein and is also rich in fats (Predominantly monounsaturated fats). Similar to beef towel, beef intestine is also an excellent source vitamin B12 and Niacin. It is rich in a strong antioxidant mineral called manganese. Though it has all these beneficial nutrients, it is equally rich in dietary cholesterol, which might affect your blood cholesterol levels.
Consuming beef intestine once in a while (maybe once in 10 days) will provide multiple health benefits. It improves your nerve function, protects you from skin disorders like acne and rashes, it can also be used for treating Vitamin B12 associated anemia (pernicious anemia). Manganese is a strong antioxidant and good mood regulator and thus it reduces depression and protects our body from oxidative stress and its related disorders. Hope this answer is useful